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Mums Like Me Memory Boxes for Stillbirth and Neonatal LossAbout Us....
Mums Like Me® Organisation Incorporated is a not for profit organisation, that donates hand made Memory Boxes to hospitals, for newly bereaved parents. Mums Like Me  Memory Boxes are unique as they are made by other Mums who have also suffered the loss of a pregnancy and baby through Stillbirth, Neonatal Loss, Genetic Interruption of Pregnancy and Infant Loss . These boxes are made by bereaved Mums, at our Support Group Meeting.
It is hoped that these boxes offer Hope, Love and Comfort to the parents, as well as serving to honour our own babies. 
How it all began....
On the 16th of October 2009, two gorgeous, perfect twin boys entered the world.  Although they only stayed for a short time, their impact on our lives would change the world as we knew it.  
Their names are Cam and Zane, and they are my sons. I remember in the haze that was the days and weeks after they died,  telling my husband that I wanted to make sure they were never forgotten. I didnt know what then, but I knew I wanted to do something in honour of them. I promised myself that one day when I was strong again I would.
In November 2010, someone else I knew through my best friend also suffered the loss of her first child, a daughter,  Marli. I felt helpless, and confronted lots of the feelings I had about my own loss. Eventually Marli's Mum, Jacki and I  would meet, and it was amazing. I felt free to talk about my son's,  we shared photo's, we laughed, we cried and most importantly we understood each other.I came away thinking how wonderful it was to meet a Mum Like Me.
As I rung in the New Year of 2011, I promised myself that this was the year that I would honour my sons, share their memory and help other parents celebrate their babies..... on the 2nd January 2011, I woke from a lovely dream, and my head was full of ideas.....and so Mums Like Me came to be.
The Master Plan.....
I remember in the hospital I was given a gorgeous handmade bag, that had some beautiful keepsakes in it. I asked the lovely Midwife where it had come from, and she said that the staff had made them up for parents. 
In my dream.... I had made a beautiful memory box that had my trinkets, birth certificates, photo's, candles and a two small teddies inside it. It was beautiful. When I woke I knew that this was what i wanted to create in honour of my boys, but I also wanted to share it with other parents. 
Then I thought about my meeting with the Mum Like Me, and it was decided! I would start a group where Mums Like Me, could meet, create memory boxes for other Mums. We could laugh, cry, freely talk about our babies, share our photos and create the beautiful boxes from my dream! Other parents would feel our love and understanding and also we could ALL honour our babies. 
I believe that if it takes a community to raise a child, it also takes a community to mourn one. If you have been touched by pregnancy loss through, Stillbirth, Neonatal Loss,and Late Miscarriage. through family or friends, you may also be looking at someway to not feel so helpless. 

Mums Like Me are not always young . They can now be enjoying their own grandchildren, but still looking for a way to honour their babies. We welcome everyone, regardless of how new or old you are to this grief journey. You can read about many other Mums Like Me by clicking here, and also about a special Mum Like Me who writes about the death of her son 52 years ago here.
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Mums Like Me Memory Boxes for Stillbirth and Neonatal Loss